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Scott Baptie from Food For Fitness shares his nutrition, fitness, fat loss, lifestyle and healthy living strategies with you. If you’re looking for a simple and healthy way to get the body you’ve always desired - that cuts out the guesswork - then this show is for you. Scott has worked with hundreds of clients, from complete beginners to multinational companies and professional football clubs. He also contributes to a wide range of fitness publications both as a writer and fitness model. Whether your goal is to improve body composition, lose fat, build muscle, develop sports performance or simply to learn how to eat healthier, you’ll love this Podcast! Scott and his guests deliver simple, effective, evidence-based advice that promotes ‘inclusion’ rather than unnecessary ‘exclusion’ or any extreme dietary practices. The result? A leaner, stronger, fitter you!
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Dec 20, 2016

Olly Foster has appeared on more fitness magazine covers than almost anyone in the UK so it’s safe to say he’s an expert on what it takes to get into amazing shape. But what is the cost having fitness model abs? Is it really that healthy?

In this episode Olly exposes some of the tricks top fitness models use to get into cover worthy condition. Not only that, but he shares some of his own stories about why such a regimented fitness and nutrition routine was detrimental to his own health, both physically and mentally.

He is extremely honest and he reveals how such a lifestyle led to depression but thankfully, he was able to find a new focus due to discovering a hobby that has changed his training, nutrition, mindset and supercharged his life.

FFF 079: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly & The Honest Side Of Fitness Modelling - with Olly Foster  is a post from: Food For Fitness



Dec 13, 2016

Are you looking for more motivation and inspiration in your life? Are you looking for that daily nudge or push to inspire you to reach your full potential - and get 1% better every day? Do you seek consistent, daily growth in your body, mind, and spirit? If the answer is yes then you’ll love this episode with legendary coach and motivational guru Todd Durkin.

If you’ve never come across Todd’s work before, you’re missing out! He is a US based author, speaker, trainer, and motivational coach who inspires audiences around the world. His award-winning gym, Fitness Quest 10, in San Diego, CA, has been named a "Top 10 Gym in the US" by Men's Health.

In this episode we’re talking about creating ‘wow’ and Todd shares some of his best bits from his new title The WOW Book: 52 Ways to Motivate Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul & Create WOW in Your Life!

FFF 078: How To Motivate Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul & Create WOW in Your Life - with Todd Durkin  is a post from: Food For Fitness



Nov 22, 2016

If there is one subject that causes the most confusion for folks looking to lose weight it has to be meal timing. Should we eat little and often to boost metabolism? What if we skip breakfast? Do we need protein after a workout? How often should we eat protein? Is fasting a good idea? To answer all of your burning meal timing questions, we have nutrition coach Lawrence Judd from Shredded By Science on the show.

In this episode we’ll cover what the science says about how often we should eat, if it’s better to split up your protein intake throughout the day compared to eating it in less servings, why breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day, when you should have protein after a workout and why intermittent fasting might help you burn fat and break through weight loss plateau.

FFF 077: Nutrient Timing, Does It Really Matter When You Eat? - with Lawrence Judd  is a post from: Food For Fitness



Nov 15, 2016

Saunas, sweat suits and dehydration are just some of the things we think of when we imagine boxers making weight for a fight. Fighters have a legacy of adopting some extreme methods to shed weight before stepping into the ring. However, thanks to evidence-based practitioners like Danny, old-school methods are being phased out with newer, safer, more effective ways of making weight.

In this episode, Danny Lennon – an Irish performance nutritionist who specialises in nutrition for combat sports – comes on the show. We’ll cover some of the common mistakes made by fighters when they’re cutting for a fight, the distinctive phases of a successful cut and how modern approaches are challenging some of the traditional methods for making weight.

Danny shares some of the supplements he often recommends for his clients, effective pre and post-training nutrition strategies and we’ll examine areas for future research in the field

FFF 076: Fighting Fit, Nutrition Strategies For Safely Making Weight In Combat Sports - with Danny Lennon  is a post from: Food For Fitness



Nov 8, 2016

Alice Liveing aka Clean Eating Alice is an Instagram sensation, food blogger, trainer and author of Amazon bestseller ‘The Body Bible’.

In this episode Alice reveals her thoughts on ‘clean eating’ and how it now means something completely different to what it meant when she started her own body-transformation two years ago.

She shares how she was able to write a cook book while working as a touring actress, her thoughts on being a social media motivator and the responsibilities that it brings and how she handles some of the negative press she’s received and the lessons she’s learned from it. You’ll also discover some insider secrets like how she makes her food look so good and the filters she uses too....

FFF 075: Transforming ‘Fitstagram’, More Than ‘Clean Eating’, Kale & Chia Seeds - with Alice Liveing aka Clean Eating Alice  is a post from: Food For Fitness



Nov 1, 2016

Been there, competed, got the t-shirt! Commonwealth games, the Olympics, 61 UK National Championships, 9 European Masters Champs, 31 World Masters Championships, 2 World Masters Games Championships….it’s safe to say that Geoff Cooke is one of the most decorated athletes in British Cycling.

Geoff has spent the last 50 years competing and coaching at the highest level in world cycling.

In this fantastic interview you’ll hear how Geoff went from intensive care to winning a World Masters Championship in 9 weeks, how he maintains his fitness at 71, how he balances old-school methods with emerging research in sports science, how his diet and training has changed over the years and the key character traits he’s seen in those who became “great” compared to those who couldn’t quite make it.

FFF 074: 71 Year Old Intensive Care Patient To World Champion Cyclist In 9 Weeks - with Geoff Cooke  is a post from: Food For Fitness



Oct 25, 2016

Shona Macpherson has struggled for years with her weight, body image and self-love. If you name a nonsense diet she’s tried to nail it. Pick an exercise class or gimmick she’s practiced it. But she’s come through this – not only is she the healthiest and happiest she’s ever felt but she is on a mission to help others do the same.

Shona is a former nurse, counsellor, aid worker, project manager and support worker turned personal trainer and trainee life coach.

In this episode Shona shares her own body confidence story, the problem with ‘standardised beauty’, the benefit of tracking ‘strength over weight’, the impact body issues and social media is having on teenagers, top strategies to improve your self-esteem, exercise strategies for those who are terrified of gyms and how we can find a balance between being happy with ourselves yet wanting to improve.

FFF 073: How To Become Body Confident & Boost Self Esteem - with Shona Macpherson is a post from: Food For Fitness



Oct 18, 2016

We’ve complained about having a slow metabolism and we’ve envied those who we claim have fast metabolisms, but what exactly is your metabolism and how can we stop it slowing down when we lose fat?

This week – Alex Ritson – tells all. Alex is a nutrition coach and researcher who will explain everything you need to know about your metabolism, metabolic adaption and the steps you can take to keep your rates of fat loss high. He’ll explain the impact diet breaks and refeeds have on fat loss, the surprising data on how much your metabolism slows when you diet, why he is trying a different approach to the 5:2 diet, the reason why FitBits are amazing for getting super lean and top tips to ensure long term weight loss success.

FFF 072: How To Minimise Metabolic Adaption For Faster Fat Loss - with Alex Ritson is a post from: Food For Fitness



Oct 11, 2016

Bodyweight training is a fantastic, versatile and cost effective way to get stronger, improve flexibility and increase your mobility.

On this episode of the podcast, Scott is joined by fellow Scotsman Andy McKenzie who is a leading strength coach and mobility expert.

Andy shares some fantastic drills that you can use to test your strength, he explains his favourite methods for improving press-ups and pullups, how to do handstands, his take on core training, how to improve conditioning and grip strength and how to effectively structure your workout.

FFF 071: Ultimate Bodyweight Training Mastery - with Andy 'IronMac' McKenzie is a post from: Food For Fitness



Oct 4, 2016

Keri-anne Payne is a marathon open water swimmer who recently competed in the Rio 2016 Olympics. She is a two-time 10-kilometre open water world champion, and an Olympic silver medallist.

In this episode we’ll look at some of the technicalities of swimming in an event that takes around 2 hours! Keri-ann explains how she prevents boredom, the ingenuous methods of fuelling out in the middle of the sea, overcoming jelly legs and jelly fish!

You’ll hear some gossip from the Olympic village including the 5am parties, the 45 minute ques for free McDonald's, why it’s a bit like freshers week and star-spotting Usain Bolt.

Keri-anne also shares how she was able to get through plateaus, overcome setbacks and key lessons she’s learned from competing at the highest level in world sport.

FFF 070: An Olympian’s Insight Into Competing At The Rio 2016 Olympics - with Keri-anne Payne is a post from: Food For Fitness



Sep 27, 2016

He’s a champion powerlifter and world-class natural bodybuilder. Ryan Doris knows what it takes to compete and succeed at the highest level. He also completed two Masters degrees at the same time and set-up a very profitable sports supplements company.

In this show Ryan talks about success, hard work, achievement and the monomaniacal focus and desire required to accomplish great goals. We’ll chat about why we should live in the present moment and be grateful but never complacent, why most people don’t really know what they want in life, how to decide if your training is right for you or if you’re forcing yourself to do something you dislike because it’s considered the ‘right thing to do’.

Ryan talks about overcoming setbacks, avoiding distraction and overcoming roadblocks. This is a seriously meaningful episode and it will be quite different from anything you’ve heard on the podcast to date. .

FFF 069: Developing A Mindset For Extreme Success & Phenomenal Achievement - with Ryan Doris is a post from: Food For Fitness



Sep 20, 2016

How to natural bodybuilders eat and train to get super lean and compete on stage?

Gordon Greenhorn is a personal trainer, online coach, powerlifter and a champion natural bodybuilder who has just completed a 20 week prep for a recent competition.

In this episode Gordon reveals exactly how he dropped 12 kilos and achieved his best ever condition. He’ll explain how he set his calories and macronutrients, why he didn’t take refeed days, how he adjusted his diet as he made progress or encountered plateaus, the importance of food variety, how he beat cravings and hunger, why he doesn’t use protein shakes, why supplementation isn’t a priority, how his training changed (or didn’t) during the course of the prep and his approach to cardio.

FFF 068: How Does A Natural Bodybuilder Eat & Train To Get Super Shredded - with Gordon Greenhorn is a post from: Food For Fitness



Sep 13, 2016

Ross Stewart is an award-winning personal trainer, coach and motivator based in Glasgow. His gym Improve Glasgow is known as The Gym For People Who Don’t Like Gyms for the simple reason that they challenge many of the beliefs people have about training, exercise and personal trainers.

In this episode Ross will be sharing some of the advice he gives his clients who have struggled with exercise and nutrition routines in the past. He’ll explain why creating a community or finding others who have the same goals as you is crucial for weight loss, how to minimise your chances of falling of the bandwagon at the weekend, why tough love is sometimes more important than being ‘nicey nicey’, how to develop self-confidence and how to make simple improvements to your nutrition and training to create a better you.

FFF 067: From Instructor To Motivator & Creating A Gym For People Who Don’t Like Gyms - with Ross Stewart is a post from: Food For Fitness



Sep 6, 2016

Anna Sward is the proteinista and brains behind the world’s first and leading website for protein powder cooking, What started out as a blog is now a website jammed full of protein baked delights from protein cheesecakes to brownies and more protein bars than you can shake a scoop at.

In this episode of the Food For Fitness podcast Anna is here to help you become a better protein baker. She’ll explain the different types of powders and why you shouldn’t just use the same old whey protein you use after a workout to cook with. She reveals her favourite protein bar recipes, how to create protein fluff, some of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking with protein powder, how she comes up with new protein recipes and how her cooking methods have changed over the years.

FFF 066: How To Be A Better Protein Baker With The Queen Of Protein Powder - with Anna Sward is a post from: Food For Fitness


Aug 30, 2016

CrossFit often gets an undeserved bad reputation due to the infamous memes and ‘fail compilations’ on YouTube but is there any other sporting movement that has motivated so many people to start lifting weights?

In this episode Scott is joined by James St Leger who is CrossFit coach, gym owner and UK competitor. James explains why many people have the wrong idea about CrossFit, how you can spot good coaches from the bad, how he structures his workouts, the hardest workout he’s ever done, how his training has changed since he started CrossFit, the things he does to recover from intense workouts, his thoughts on improving the image of the sport and lots more.

FFF 065: The World Of CrossFit…More Than Puking, Pain & Paleo - with James St Leger is a post from: Food For Fitness


Aug 23, 2016

Many people think that the diet of an elite athlete or professional sportsperson must be pretty perfect. However, just like the rest of us they often struggle with sticking to their plan and they sometimes forget the basics.

In this episode of the podcast, Professor Graeme Close reveals some of the tips and tricks he’s used that have helped professional athletes including the England Rugby team, Olympic skiers and famous jockeys improve their body composition and sporting performance.

He’ll explain the key elements of a solid pre-match nutrition plan, how to beat nerves, why athletes should pay more attention to what they eat the day before a match rather than on match day, top supplements to improve performance, his half time nutrition strategy, why he hates cheat meals, how to improve dietary compliance and thoughts on the future of sports nutrition.

FFF 064: A Behind The Scenes Look At Eating For Elite Sports Performance - with Prof Graeme Close is a post from: Food For Fitness


Aug 16, 2016

Fitbits are all the rage at the moment but how accurate are they and do they really help with weight loss?

This week Dr Carol Maher, a senior researcher at the University of South Australia, comes on the show. Carol has been researching the development and evaluation of activity trackers and investigating the relationships between people’s daily activity patterns (e.g. physical activity, sleep and sedentary behaviours such as television watching) and their health.

In this episode Carol reveals how accurate the step counters are, the problems with calorie estimation and why it varies between lean and overweight people, the surprising truth about sleep tracking, where the 10,000 step target comes from and the real reason how they help people lose weight.

FFF 063: How Accurate Are Fitbits & Do They Actually Help With Weight Loss? - with Dr Carol Maher is a post from: Food For Fitness


Aug 9, 2016

John Chapman & Leon Bustin aka ‘The Lean Machines’ are personal trainers and fat loss coaches who have had huge success using YouTube as a platform to reach the masses with their nutrition and fitness advice.

Their channel (which now has over 300K followers) has not only landed them a book deal, but it has allowed them to make videos and train the likes of Lewis Hamilton and many other A-list celebrities.

In this episode we’ll look at how it all started, how the lads come up with ideas for videos and how they keep it fresh and exciting rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. They share why Instagram and Social Media can cause disillusionment and frustration when people are trying to get leaner and why they’ve changed their approach to certain nutrition topics over the years.

They share some of their favourite ‘Awesomeness Tools’ from their new book - Eat Well, Move Better & Feel Awesome - along with how they have overcome big challenges in their life and how they stay on track with their own diet and training when following a hectic filming and travel schedule.

FFF 062: How To Eat Well, Move Better & Feel Awesome - with The Lean MAchines is a post from: Food For Fitness


Aug 2, 2016

In this episode of the podcast, Christy Harrison shares her journey from disordered eater to dietitian, and offers tools to help listeners who are struggling with or recovering from eating disorders.

We’ll cover the definition of disordered eating, some of the leading triggers, the rise of ‘clean eating’ social media gurus and why ‘orthorexia’ (the unhealthy obsession with healthy eating) is on the increase.

Christy explains various habits that can lead to unhealthy food relationships, why enforcing your diet on your children could be harmful, the issue with ‘good’ and ‘bad’ food and how intuitive eating can improve your health, physique and mindset.

FFF 061: Disordered Eater To Dietitian & The Rise Of Orthorexia - with Christy Harrison is a post from: Food For Fitness


Jul 26, 2016

What are some of the main causes of back pain and why do so many people encounter sore backs? In this episode of The Food For Fitness Podcast, Scott is joined by Dr. Stuart McGill - a world-leading authority on spine biomechanics at is based at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Stuart’s advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts and elite athletes and teams from around the world. He explains how we often injure our backs, some of the leading causes of back pain (both in and out of the gym), exercises that can improve back strength and ones you might want to avoid, why you can’t be a good golfer and powerlifter at the same time, why high repetition Olympic lifting is a bad idea, his thoughts on foam rolling and whether you really need to be doing a deep squat.

FFF 060: The Back Mechanic, How To Have A Pain-Free & Strong Back - with Prof Stuart McGill is a post from: Food For Fitness


Jul 19, 2016

You’ve probably heard of your circadian rhythm but do you know exactly what it is and how it can affect your metabolism and fat loss efforts? In this episode of the podcast, biologist – Dr Jonathan Johnston – from the University of Surrey is on the show to explain how your body clock can influence your fat stores.

He explains how meal timing can affect weight loss, why time-restricted feeding may help reduce our waistlines, the importance of a regular bedtime, why shift workers are at greater risk of obesity, why we should get light emitting alarm clocks in winter and how our temperature can affect the quality of our sleep.

FFF 059: Sleep Science: Is Your Circadian Rhythm Disrupting Your Metabolism? - Dr Jonathan Johnston is a post from: Food For Fitness


Jul 12, 2016

What does it take to perform and compete on the biggest sporting stage in the world? Aberdeen-born Olympian David Carry shares all. David is a former GB swimmer who represented Scotland in the Commonwealth Games and GB in the Sydney, Beijing & London Olympics – reaching the 400-meter freestyle final in London.

In this episode David talks about how important nutrition was when performing at the elite level, how he remained focused before swimming in front of thousands and why he think’s success always comes back to proper planning.

He share’s key lessons he learned while competing that he applies to his life now that improve his productivity, mindset and quality of life and he talks about the big challenges he faced and the tactics he used to overcome adversity

FFF 058: The Power To Win: Mindset Hacks & Secrets Of An Olympic Athlete - with David Carry is a post from: Food For Fitness


Jul 5, 2016

The phrase “game changer” is often thrown around far too easily, but this episode could seriously change the way you think about dietary supplements!

Our guest this week is Kamal Patel who is the Director of – one of the largest independent and unbiased websites on the internet that publishes on supplementation and nutrition.

In this episode Kamal explains the differences between “supplements” and “compliments”, why taking a multivitamin is probably unnecessary, the truth about omega 3 supplementation, the reasons why he thinks sunlight and going outdoors is probably better than any supplement you can take and the effect funding can have on supplement study outcomes.

Kamal also shares his top tips for selecting the best cooking oils, why we should focus more on reducing Omega 6 intake instead of increasing Omega 3 and he reveals the best type of whey protein that you’ve probably never heard of.

FFF 057: The Surprising Truth About Dietary Supplements That Might Change The Way You Eat - with Kamal Patel is a post from: Food For Fitness


Jun 28, 2016

This week’s guest is Dr Bill Sukala – a consulting clinical exercise physiologist based in Sydney, Australia. He has worked in the fitness industry for 26 years, starting out as a personal trainer before studying to be an exercise physiologist and then becoming a university lecturer and researcher. For the last 20 years he has been actively involved as a consumer health advocate speaking out against misinformation in lectures, seminars, and workshops, plus regularly interviewed by major media outlets around the world as the "voice of reason" on trends and fads (ruining all the fun with science!).

In this episode we’ll discuss why is science on trial? (i.e., people reluctant to believe compelling evidence that goes against their beliefs) Why do people believe what they believe? We’ll examine the shady methods used by companies to promote unscientific misinformation: cherry picked science, how they create distrust of authoritative institutions, crying conspiracy, citing dodgy testimonials, using cite animal research as conclusive evidence of efficacy, bro science and image (via social media) etc. Bill also sheds light on many current popular crazes and heated nutrition topics sweeping Instagram and the tabloid newspapers: is sugar toxic? Is HIIT cardio the best thing for you? Should be eat organic? What’s wrong with juice cleanses and lots more.

FFF 056: Busting Health, Fitness & Nutrition BS - with Dr Bill Sukala is a post from: Food For Fitness


Jun 21, 2016

James Fell is an internationally syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune and he has written for the LA Times, Time Magazine, AskMen and a tonne of other fitness publications. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and his book - Lose It Right – has won numerous praise from reviewers on Amazon and from fellow authors.

James loves to lift and he loves to run so in this episode we examine the old “cardio vs weights” debate. Each has its own merits but what are some of the lesser known advantages and differences between the two? We know that weight training is great for building muscle and getting stronger, but do you know the effect lifting has on the diet? What does weight training do to your eating habits? Is it better for fat loss than running? James explains all.

On the other hand we’ve got cardio. James shares why it’s badass for increasing calorie expenditure, why it allows for more dietary freedom and why there are more profound physiological benefits than weights in terms of its ability to suppress appetite. But does it cause muscle loss and is it a smart option for obese folks? All is revealed in this show.

FFF 055: Cardio vs Weights, Which Is Better? - with James Fell is a post from: Food For Fitness


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